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New member announcement!

We are very pleased to announce that ASTRA Youth has gained a new member - The SPUNK Foundation of Modern Education, based in Łódź, Poland. 

Spunk has been working in the field of SRHR since 2010, when they initiated their own program of sexuality education for secondary school students. It's been very successful and has been receiving positive feedback both from students and school counselors as well as psychologists. Over the last 8 years their sex ed workshops has been attended by over five thousand teenagers. Spunk was also able to convince members of the Lodz City Council to finance the sex education program from the city budget. The program has been running since 2012. This is a huge success and makes Lodz a pioneer city in Poland in this regard. 

Anna Jurek, who is the vicepresident of Spunk, is going to represent the organization in ASTRA Youth. You can contact her directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.You can also visit the Foundation's website and Facebook page