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New resource about the current state of sexuality education in five European countries

Aiming to bring attention to the need for Comprehensive Sexuality Education and to empower and encourage young leaders to influence their national policies, CHOICE for Youth and Sexuality and YouAct initiated the "Europe for CSE" project, with support from ShareNet. As part of this project, the aforementioned organizations have developed The Current State of Sexuality Education in Cyprus, Georgia, Poland, Romania and the Netherlands Insights from a Youth Perspective publication. 

"Europe for CSE" involves five European countries; Cyprus, Georgia, Poland, Romania, and the Netherlands. The first step of the project was to conduct a desk research by following a research template, to inform the planning of the national advocacy action plans in accordance with the identified relevant national events.

The authors have noticed that while formally sexuality education has some recognition, in practice it is not always applied as it should be. Some of the aspects that need further attention according to the research are: skills-building for dealing with situations such as pressure to engage in sexual activity, anti-bullying programs, civic education regarding what are the laws protecting children and young people from gender-based and sexual violence, including where to report it, addressing society’s taboos regarding sexuality and sexuality education and advocating for an integrated approach when it comes to young people’s sexual and reproductive health and rights.

The value of the desk research is a valuable collection of information and knowledge on CSE gathered by young people, for young people

Source: YouAct