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Policy Briefs no. 3 and 4 on CSE

The Federal Centre for Health Education in Germany and the United Nations Population Fund Regional Office for Eastern Europe and Central Asia have jointly developed a series of policy briefs on sexuality education. The first two issues published in 2015 (also in cooperation with the WHO Regional Office Europe) have now been complemented by Policy Brief issues no. 3 and 4. 

Policy Brief No. 3 "Introducing Sexuality Education: Key Steps for Advocates in Europe and Central Asia" provides an overview of the most important steps for the introduction (or revision) of national in-school sexuality-education programs and reviews of existing  resources. 

It focuses on the implementation of programs and curricula and formulates recommendations on following aspects:

•       identification and assessment of needs and expectations of young people;

•       formulation of objectives and key values for programs and curricula;

•       involvement of important partners for implementation;

•       use of existing resources, and

•       process planning. 

Policy Brief No. 4 "Why Should Sexuality Education be Delivered in School-based Settings?" addresses basic principles of and necessary linkages for efficient, high-quality school-based sexuality education. It illustrates the conditions under which sexuality education in schools can be successfully implemented. The following aspects are highlighted in Policy Brief No. 4:

•       relevance of sexuality education in schools and how schools contribute to a good sexual and reproductive health in adolescents and young adults;

•       framework conditions necessary for the implementation of good and efficient sexuality education in schools;

•       roles that various stakeholders in and around school play for efficient implementation of sexuality education;

•       topics that are part of good-quality sexuality education.

Policy Brief 4 demonstrates the importance of sexuality education in schools complementary with other forms of sexuality education.

Access all four issues of the sexuality education policy briefs, each available in English and Russian, HERE.