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SDGs for Young People, Young People for SDGs

The three-day meeting held in Sofia, Bulgaria entitled SDGs for Young People, Young People for SDGs. Tracking Progress for Young People. Europe and Central Asia Regional Dialogue on ICPD and SDGs gathered representatives of youth-led organizations and UN agencies, policy makers, statisticians, and regional partners from various countries of Europe and Central Asia. The main purpose of the event was to create a framework for youth advocacy and develop a regional monitoring system to track progress on youth-related goals and targets included in the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda and the Programme of Action adopted at the International Conference on Population and Development.

On the first day of the meeting participants worked in groups on identifying needs and challenges of young people of the Europe and Central Asia region in the following thematic areas: health, employment, civic engagement, education, and gender. 

The next day’s sessions focused on the use and abuse of statistics, as well as selecting and validating the needs and challenges in each of the five thematic areas against the ICPD and SDGs targets and indicators. The working groups tried to select specific SDG and ICPD indicators against the previously identified needs and challenges. The day ended with a panel on initiatives on national and local levels that adavance the youth agenda. Five presentations from experts, as well as state and local government representatives were followed by a plenary discussion.

On the third day participants debated policy-making and implementation at both national and local levels, first in regard to the possible ways of using available data to hold governments accountable for their actions or lack thereof, and then the necessary resources needed in order to be more effective and persuasive in doing so.

During the concluding session of the meeting through an anonymous voting process participants chose Uliana Avtonomova from Ukraine to be their representative as a member of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe experts group on regional monitoring framework on ICPD.

The event took place on December 4-6, 2017 in Sofia, Bulgaria and was organized by Y-PEER PETRI Sofia and UNFPA Eastern Europe and Central Asia Regional Office. ASTRA Youth was represented by the network coordinator. 

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