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"Investing in Youth: Path to Accelerated Development"

Elizabet from Bulgaria and Daniel from Macedonia from ASTRA Youth attended the UNFPA Regional Youth Conference "Investing in Youth: Path to Accelerated Development" which took place in Istanbul, Turkey, from 9th to 11th May 2011.

Elizabet and Daniel at the UNFPA conference in Turkey

Reply from the EP regarding the Petition on Sex Ed

ASTRA and ASTRA Youth have today recieved a reply from the European Parliament regarding the Petition on Sexuality Education. The letter confirms the receipt of the document which has been now forwarded to the Committee on Petitions.

Petition to the European Parliament regarding Sexuality Education

The ASTRA Network together with the ASTRA Youth Network have submitted a petition to the European Parliament regarding compulsory Sexuality Education in all European Union member countries. The Petition has support from four ASTRA member countries and their NGOs affiliated with ASTRA: Bulgaria, Romania, Lithuania and Poland.


ASTRA Network workshop on adressing threats to SRHR

ASTRA Network and a few ASTRA Youth members, together with other SRHR activists from the region, attended the "Regional Workshop for Women's Rights Advocates: How to Adress Threats to Reproductive Rights in Central and Eastern Europe" in Warsaw. 

Commision on the Status of Women

On March 2nd 2011 Aysel Asgarova from Azerbaijan and Wanda Nowicka from Poland and the ASTRA Netowork, presented the latest ASTRA Youth report “Reproductive Health and Rights of Adolescents in Central and Eastern Europe and Balkan countries” during the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women. The panel session was held as a side NGO event in New York and was attended by researchers, students, and NGO activists.

ASTRA Youth report launch event at the European Parliament

The ASTRA Youth report launch event took place at the European Parliament in Brussels on January 12th 2011. Three ASTRA Youth members from Macedonia, Bulgaria and Poland, talked about the situation of young people regarding SRHR in our region and briefly presented the report to the audience. Three Members of the Parliament took part in our event, Sophie in't Veld, Antonyia Parvanona and Katarina Nevedalova. 

ASTRA Youth members at the European Parliament

Launch of the ASTRA Youth report at the European Parliament

Member of European Parliament, honorable Sophie in 't Veld, the ASTRA and ASTRA Youth Networks are preparing the launch event of the recent Report on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights of Adolescents in Central and Eastern Europe and Balkan Countries. The event will take place in the European Parliament, ASP 5 G 1 on Wednesday 12 January 2011, 12:30 to 14:30 pm. Please see the invitation to this so very much important to us event!

New ASTRA Youth report on SRHR of adolescents!

Astra Youth has been recently working on a report on the current situation of young people concerning sexual and reproductive health and rights issues in the Astra Youth countries. The Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights report is now available online for reading! Enjoy!

ASTRA Youth at the AWID Young Women's Dialogue

Six Astra Youth members took part in the Young Women's Dialogue organised by the Association for Women's Rights in Development. The meeting was held in Tbilisi in Georgia from 18th to 20th October 2010. We discussed young women's issues, most common problems in the region, how to build a movement and use our strength when working for young women's rights. This meeting was followed by another AWID event - the Resource Mobilization meeting for women's NGOs where four Astra Youth members were present together with other members of the ASTRA Network. 

To learn more about the AWID’s space for young feminists please visit the Young Feminist Wire

ASTRA Youth strategic meeting and workshop in Georgia, autumn 2010

The Astra Youth members attended the strategic meeting and workshop which was scheduled for three days in Tbilisi in Georgia in October 2010. 11 participants from 5 countries met to discuss the SRHR issues and plan the Astra Youth’s activities for the upcoming year. They also completed a workshop on fundraising and proposal writing. The workshop was co organized by the ASTRA Youth Secretariat from Warsaw and HERA XXI from Tbilisi. You can read our report from this workshop and also look up some photos in the gallery. 

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