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Astra youth

11th International Meeting on Women and Health

ASTRA Youth delegation participated in the 11th International Meeting on Women and Health, which was held in Brussels in Belgium from 13th to 17th September 2011. Tetiana Slobodian from Ukraine, Elizabet Dimitrova from Bulgaria and Marta Szostak from Poland represented the ASTRA Youth Network and its mission during this five day conference. The IWHM has a long tradition of being an expression of the global feminism movement for health, the first conference was held in Rome in 1975.  


"Investing in Youth: Path to Accelerated Development"

Elizabet from Bulgaria and Daniel from Macedonia from ASTRA Youth attended the UNFPA Regional Youth Conference "Investing in Youth: Path to Accelerated Development" which took place in Istanbul, Turkey, from 9th to 11th May 2011.

Elizabet and Daniel at the UNFPA conference in Turkey

Reply from the EP regarding the Petition on Sex Ed

ASTRA and ASTRA Youth have today recieved a reply from the European Parliament regarding the Petition on Sexuality Education. The letter confirms the receipt of the document which has been now forwarded to the Committee on Petitions.

Petition to the European Parliament regarding Sexuality Education

The ASTRA Network together with the ASTRA Youth Network have submitted a petition to the European Parliament regarding compulsory Sexuality Education in all European Union member countries. The Petition has support from four ASTRA member countries and their NGOs affiliated with ASTRA: Bulgaria, Romania, Lithuania and Poland.


ASTRA Network workshop on adressing threats to SRHR

ASTRA Network and a few ASTRA Youth members, together with other SRHR activists from the region, attended the "Regional Workshop for Women's Rights Advocates: How to Adress Threats to Reproductive Rights in Central and Eastern Europe" in Warsaw. 

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