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New member announcement!

We are very pleased to announce that ASTRA Youth has gained a new member - The SPUNK Foundation of Modern Education, based in Łódź, Poland. 

Spunk has been working in the field of SRHR since 2010, when they initiated their own program of sexuality education for secondary school students. It's been very successful and has been receiving positive feedback both from students and school counselors as well as psychologists. Over the last 8 years their sex ed workshops has been attended by over five thousand teenagers. Spunk was also able to convince members of the Lodz City Council to finance the sex education program from the city budget. The program has been running since 2012. This is a huge success and makes Lodz a pioneer city in Poland in this regard. 

Anna Jurek, who is the vicepresident of Spunk, is going to represent the organization in ASTRA Youth. You can contact her directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.You can also visit the Foundation's website and Facebook page

IPPF EN and BZgA's comprehensive country report on CSE in Europe and Central Asia

The IPPF European Network's latest analysis - done in collaboration with the BZgA (Germany's Federal Centre for Health Education) - shows that over the past two decades sexuality education has progressed, but improvements are still needed. The report covers the state of play and latest developments in the field across 25 European and Central Asian countries, including aspects related to the quality of programmes and the impact on young people’s health. The roll-out of sexuality education differs widely within the region and while promising steps have been taken, we look forward to more progress.

Sexuality education addresses the need to foster emotional-sexual intelligence and the capacity for healthy, intimate bonding and growth. It is based on an understanding of the concepts of consent, equity and respect for one’s own boundaries and the boundaries of others in intimate relationships and in society in general.

When young people lack these crucial skills, they inevitably face a lack of personal growth and joy as much as a lack of ability to form and foster nurturing and stable relationships with others.

To ensure that young people are equipped with these skillsets, the report authors recommend increased knowledge-sharing in the field of sexuality education as well as improving the scope of school programmes and investing in teacher trainings.

New resource about the current state of sexuality education in five European countries

Aiming to bring attention to the need for Comprehensive Sexuality Education and to empower and encourage young leaders to influence their national policies, CHOICE for Youth and Sexuality and YouAct initiated the "Europe for CSE" project, with support from ShareNet. As part of this project, the aforementioned organizations have developed The Current State of Sexuality Education in Cyprus, Georgia, Poland, Romania and the Netherlands Insights from a Youth Perspective publication. 

"Europe for CSE" involves five European countries; Cyprus, Georgia, Poland, Romania, and the Netherlands. The first step of the project was to conduct a desk research by following a research template, to inform the planning of the national advocacy action plans in accordance with the identified relevant national events.

The authors have noticed that while formally sexuality education has some recognition, in practice it is not always applied as it should be. Some of the aspects that need further attention according to the research are: skills-building for dealing with situations such as pressure to engage in sexual activity, anti-bullying programs, civic education regarding what are the laws protecting children and young people from gender-based and sexual violence, including where to report it, addressing society’s taboos regarding sexuality and sexuality education and advocating for an integrated approach when it comes to young people’s sexual and reproductive health and rights.

The value of the desk research is a valuable collection of information and knowledge on CSE gathered by young people, for young people

Source: YouAct

Youth Power for Youth Rights: An Interactive Toolkit for Developing Your National Youth Strategy

Amnesty International has published a toolkit that outlines the process of developing and implementing a National Youth Strategy. It is not meant to be a one-size-fits-all template, but rather a journey you can undertake in your Section. This toolkit can also be used to integrate a youth perspective into other existing or soon to be developed strategies, such as an Activism Strategy, Fundraising Strategy, Growth Strategy and Human Rights Education Strategy. This is important as it will never be enough to have a stand-alone National Youth Strategy if other strategies and plans do not pay attention to young people.

European Youth Goals

11 European Youth Goals were created at the European Youth Conference held in Sofia, Bulgaria on April 17-19, 2018. They will be used as a direct recommendation to the European Commission, shaping the next European Youth Strategy.

 Access the Youth Goals handout in English HERE.


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