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Call for applications to the Global Network of Young People Living with HIV

The Global Network of Young People Living with HIV Y+ calls for applications for the member of the Steering Committee.

Y+ seeks young people living with HIV, who are passionate about making a difference in their community, country, region and globally. The members will be selected from individuals and organization representatives from six world regions: African Region, Latin America, Asia Pacific, Caribbean, Europe and North America.

Applications are due by 13 November. More information on the application process is available here.

Source: GNP+


Anti-choice boycott of sexuality education platform in Romania

Adriana Radu, a young feminist activist from Romania launched in 2012 the first independent youth friendly, pro-diversity, sexuality education platform. Her project, Sexul versus Barza (Sex versus Stork) consists of well-informed and nicely crafted videos young people can watch online. Aside from the videos, Adriana also delivers sexuality education sessions both to high-school youth as well as to their teachers.

While Sex versus Stork stirred controversies from its debut, in the past months both Adriana Radu as well as other entities supporting her work such as women’s rights organizations, the SRHR community, the network of libraries (a key collaborator of the project) have been the target of systematic smearing campaigns coordinated by anti-choice groups.

In a number of locations where Sex versus Stork was scheduled for public appearances, a network of 27 anti-choice, homophobic organizations headed by Pro-Vita Romania filed official complaints with local authorities blaming the project and its supporters for corrupting minors, exposing under-aged children to sexually explicit content and for promoting homosexuality. The allegations are of course false and ill-intended, yet to our much surprise, the response of local authorities has been more inclined to side with anti human rights groups and to boycott the project rather then to assess the complaint in a rational manner.

The boycott of a youth friendly sexuality education platform is ever more difficult to grasp as teen pregnancies and unwanted pregnancies remain a serious social issue in Romania. In the past decade the number of teen pregnancies was constant at 10% of annual births and the second largest absolute number in the EU with around 13.000 teen births a year. Without evidence based, youth friendly and comprehensive sexuality education programs the burden of teen pregnancies is unlikely to change for the years to come.

Furthermore, it is perhaps a good time to raise the alarm about the fact that anti-choice groups are gathering increased visibility, strength and credibility within the Romanian society endangering women’s rights and access to sexual and reproductive rights for all.

Source: ALEG

Global Youth Survey for organizations working on condom promotion programmes

The survey for youth-led organizations working with condom promotion! Take 10 minutes of your time to share your organization's experiences in order to identify crucial gaps and possible opportunities for stregthening work in this area.

The results will be presented at a global strategy meeting the first week of November, in Geneva which aims to review the role of condoms and strengthen condom programming in the AIDS response, hosted by USAID, UNFPA and UNAIDS. 

In order to have informed discussions, the PACT, a coalition of 26 youth organizations, and the meeting organizers want to hear from YOU, youth-led organizations on the ground implementing condom activities, projects and/or programmes. 

Please feel free to share it WIDELY to your networks and partner organizations. Please note that in order to be able to present the results during the global strategy meeting we put a deadline, which is: 24th of October.

The survey is available here:

ACT!2015 Advocacy strategy toolkit

ACT!2015, a collaborative initative of PACT and UNAIDS, released the advocacy strategy toolkit devoted to the national advocacy in the post-2015 agenda in the area of HIV and sexual and reproductive health and rights. The toolkit explains the post-2015 process, identifies the key events and advocacy opportunities. It serves as a step-by-step guidance on how to prepare an effective advocacy plan, implement it, evaluate and plan next future activities.

The toolkit is accessible here.

Source: UNAIDS

Launch of the UN System-wide Action Plan on Youth (Youth-SWAP) report

The United Nations Inter-Agency Network on Youth Development has launched the first report of the UN System-wide Action Plan on Youth (Youth-SWAP). Action Plan aims to advance the coherence of UN activities related to youth development. It provides guidance to the whole work of UN system regarding young people’s issues. The report describes five thematic areas and goals of Youth-SWAP: employment and entrepreneurship; protection of rights and civic engagement; political inclusion; education (including comprehensive sexuality education); and health and explains which UN agendas are responsible for the implementation of these goals. The report also identifies the achievements and challenges related to activities focused on youth development on the global, regional and national level.

The report is available here.

Source: UN Youth-Swap

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