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Anti-sex ed letter to Romanian Ministry of Education

The debates on sexuality education in Romania continue, as the Ministry of Education considers changing the current educational curriculum and upgrading the status of the subject "Education for Health" aka "Sex Education" from optional to compulsory (to be taught in all schools). There is an ongoing discussion in the media, but there haven’t been any legal decisions made.

In response to these discussions, several Christian organizations have issued a letter to the Romanian Ministry of Education, demanding abstinence-only education to be introduced as the potential compulsory subject. In the letter they express anti-LGBT views and argue that providing information on gender identities and homosexuality does harm and causes confusion among youngsters. Also, they attack CSE initiative ‘Sexul vs.Barza’ (Sex vs.Stork) and claim it to be aggressive, unlawful and promoting promiscuity among children. It is also recommended that organizations representing parents should be involved in development of policies regarding health education.

SRHR activists reacted, explaining why it is absurd and outdated to advocate for ‘abstinence until marriage’ -based education. The earliest possible date for the new education law to be adopted by the Parliament is the beginning of 2016. The public debate concerning the law project will likely continue until the end of the year.


The Latvian parliament approves introduction of ‘moral education’ at schools

The parliament in Latvia approved amendments to education law introducing ‘moral education’ in Latvian schools, with 64 votes to 12 opposing. ‘Moral education’ in practice means that schools will be obliged to provide education in line with values of the Constitution, primarily information regarding marriage and family life.

Besides implementation of lessons on morality, parliamentarians voiced also support for proposal declaring that students will be protected from education and upbringing which stands in opposition to their moral development.

Source: LSM.LV

UNICEF Progress for Children report ‘Beyond averages: Learning from the MDGs’

UNICEF has published the eleventh edition of its report ‘Progress for Children’, focusing on Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) related to child development. The report provides the most current data showing that there has been a tremendous progress in enhancing children lives and prospects, but millions of children are still left disadvantaged. Thematic areas covered in the report regard education, health and gender equality, presenting achievements and failures in the last twenty years.

The report is accessible here.

Source: UNICEF

International Youth Day 2015: Youth Civic Engagement

This year’s International Youth Day theme is ‘Youth Civic engagement’ to promote youth involvement in public life and politics. On this occasion the Inter-Agency Network on Youth Development is running an online campaign, which aims to provide a space to share stories and ideas on civic engagement. Young people are invited to tweet using #YouthDay, share photos and stories, organize an event related to International Youth Day.

To find out more about the campaign and how to join it, visit UN DESA website.

Source: UN DESA

Post-2015 negotiation briefs for youth advocates

The PACT has launched Post-2015 negotiation briefs, which might serve as advocacy tool for youth activists to ensure states’ commitment to SRHR and HIV in the Post-2015 agenda. The briefs provide insight into current state of debates on SRHR and HIV at the United Nations, information on regional proceedings and give instructions on language regarding indicators for SDGs. The toolkits deliver knowledge on the variety of topics related to youth development: CSE, drug-related harm reduction, youth and HIV, mental health, SRHR, social and political determinants of health, youth engagement and accountability mechanisms, youth-friendly services in universal health coverage.

The briefs are accessible here.

Source: PACT

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