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Council of Europe: Anti-Choice initiative blocked by 100 MPs at an initial stage. Back in July 2012, a number of anti-choice MPs headed by Chair of  the EPP- European People's Party (most powerful and largest centre-right block at PACE) tabled a Motion for a Resolution entitled "Combating eugenics and discrimination against people with disabilities" . The objective of the resolution was to prevent women from accessing information and taking decisions about their pregnancies.


On Saturday (Oct.6th), this draft was blocked by the main decision taking body of PACE, its Bureau, describing it as fundamental infringement of women's freedom to make a conscious, responsible choice. That means that the motion will not be referred to a Committee for a report and not considered for a Resolution.

The letter of protest against this motion "No to a disguised attempt to jeopardise women's rights" was signed by over 100 Members of Parliament, meaning nearly 1/3 of the Assembly. The letter was launched by Socialists, supported by Liberals, European Left, European Democrats (UK conservatives) and even progressive EPP Members.

Source: EPF