ASTRA Central and Eastern European Women’s Network for Sexual and Reproductive Rights and Health

New publication from the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Budapest and Eszter Kovats: The Future of the European Union - Feminist Perspectives from East-Central Europe is an interesting compilation of Central and Eastern European voices on the most pressing issues today in relation to gender, EU, reproductive rights, economy and most at risk groups. The selections of articles include:

  • Aniko Gregor: Who is for sale? Challenging the commodification of gender equality in the European Union
  • Andrea Peto: From women through gender to unconscious bias: changing terminology about gender equality in the EU 
  • Elena Zacharenko: Reproductive rights as a social justice issue in the EU 
  • Edit Szenassy: Finding space for Romani women within the EU
  • György Mészáros: Reconsidering the identity approach of the EU LGBT+ architecture from a feminist perspective
  • Csilla Malomvölgyi: The dream of a common European asylum and migration policy from the perspective of women’s rights in East-Central Europe
  • Emília Barna, Gergely Csányi, Agi Gagyi and Gerőcs Tamás: East-Central European feminist activism in the context of uneven development in the EU, and ways to move forward
  • Zuzana Uhde: Global structural inequalities and responsibility for global justice: a feminist contribution
  • Zofia Łapniewska: The future of the European Union’s economy - Inspirations and challenges 
  • Kata Tutto: Epilogue: Something not even the fence can stop

Access the publication in pdf here