ASTRA Central and Eastern European Women’s Network for Sexual and Reproductive Rights and Health

In May the Government of Macedonia has proposed to the Parliament to vote for a new abortion law. The new abortion law is said to include a few articles which will restrict access to abortion.


The bill is to go through urgent procedure, as the Government states that it is not a systematic law and the issues that are covered are not disputable. On Wednesday May 29th the Minister of Health addressed the Parliament and said that there will be no new changes apart from “regulating” the old law which is meant to protect women’s health. The majority of MPs voted for the new law to go trough urgent procedure.

Information from the Government is manipulated and as the new law on abortion introduces mechanisms that violate women’s right to safe and legal abortion.  

These include:

- the woman to submit a written application in order the pregnancy to be terminated,

- the woman is to submit a written consent for the procedure to be performed,

- mandatory pre-abortion counseling,

- partner (husband) of the woman is to be informed about the procedure,

- mandatory waiting period of three days after the pre-abortion counseling,

- the doctor is to submit a written confirmation.


On May 29th feminists and activists have gathered in front of the Parliament to protest against these anti-choice moves. Photos from this event can be accesses on H.E.R.A.'s facebook page. 


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