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Nov 06 2012

Warsaw, 7th-9th November 2012- thirty SRHR advocates from Central and Eastern Europe gather in Warsaw for strategy and advocacy workshop.

Nov 01 2012

The newest issue of ASTRA NEtwork Bulletin on Sexual and Reproductive Rights and Health is available here!

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Oct 30 2012

European Court of Human Rights's Judgment in the case P. and S. v. Poland Announced Today. 

European Court of Human Rights announced its judgment today in the case P. and S. v. Poland. Federation for Women and Family Planning and its lawyers have been involved in the case from the very beginning. It is a case of a teenage girl who pregnant as a result of rape. Despite the fact that there was a relevant document issued by the prosecutor, she had been denied legal abortion in several hospitals. As a result she had to undergo the procedure in a hospital located 500 kilometers from her place of residence. Besides that, her right to confidentiality of medical information was breached, which resulted in severe harassment by pro-life and Catholic activists. The girl was also separated from her mother and placed in a juvenile shelter.

The Court determined violations of Article 8, (right to respect for private and family life) as regards the determination of access to lawful abortion in respect of both applicants (by six votes to one) and as regards the disclosure of the applicants’ personal data (unanimously);  Article 5 § 1 (right to liberty and security) in respect of P., and a violation of Article 3 (prohibition of inhuman or degrading treatment) of the European Convention on Human Rights in respect of P.

Oct 22 2012

The idea for the Platform and for a Coordinating Committee was discussed at a workshop organised in Brussels on 21-22 May. The participants in this workshop consisted of representatives from 11 SRHR networks (international, regional and youth) and from North-America (North-America doesn’t have a SRHR network). The list of networks is given below. During the workshop, participants discussed a common ask that can unite the SRHR community in the beyond 2014-2015 processes. The goal of this Platform became to ensure that SRHR is meaningfully included in the post 2015 development framework.

Oct 17 2012

ASTRA Network annual meeting will take place in Warsaw, 18th-19th October, 2012. Activists from 25 SRHR organizations across Central and Eastern Europe will meet to dscuss ASTRA Network's strategic plan and our role in the ICPD+20 review process. Our monitoring report RECLAIMING AND REDEFINING RIGHTS. ICPD+20: Status of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in Central and Eastern Europe is currently being proof read but it is already available in electronic format!

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