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Oct 01 2012

Unsafe abortion is a public health disaster and a major human rights issue. About 47,000 women each year are still dying from complications of unsafe abortion. Others are imprisoned for having abortions. In some countries women are dying or suffering serious injury because of the failure of their governments to provide safe abortions and life-saving treatment when they are too ill to continue with a pregnancy. This is why on 28 September - the International Day of Action for the Decriminalisation of Abortion- women's health and human rights advocates are demanding change. 

Sep 26 2012

Today, Polish Parliament will debate two draft bills regarding abortion.

Poland's abortion law is one of the most restrictive in Europe and even more restrictive in practice than on paper. Although the law allows termination of pregnancy under three conditions - including for therapeutic reasons and when it results from a criminal act - legal abortion is actually not accessible even for women whose conditions fall under the exceptions. Moreover, access to other SRHR services is also limited. There is no sexuality education is schools and contraception is not subsidized.

Sep 25 2012

Tomorrow we celebrate International Contraception Day. We demand from our governments granting all women of our region access to affordable, modern contraception! Scroll down to read about main challenges regarding access to contraception in the CEE region.

Sep 20 2012

Poland’s human rights record is currently being reviewed for the second time before the UN Human Rights Council. The Universal Periodic Review (UPR) Working Group reviews the human rights records of UN member states once every four years. Poland was first reviewed by the UPR in 2008. This week, Poland will be one of the first countries to undergo its second cycle of UPR reviews.

Sep 04 2012

The World Association for Sexual Health and sexual health and rights advocates from all over the world celebrate for the third time World Sexual Health Day (WSHD) with the theme ‘In a diverse world, sexual health for all’.


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