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Aug 06 2012

-says Center for Reproductive Rights' Regional Director for Europe Johanna Westeson in the Center for Reproductive Rights annual report. It is available here.  

Jul 23 2012

Late August or in September the Polish parliament will vote on a new bill liberalizing the current restrictive abortion law and expanding access to contraception and comprehensive sexuality education. Poland has one of the most restrictive abortion laws in Europe, the law which is a fiction - it is estimated that illegal procedures generate up to 95 million USD a year. We need your support to convince Members of Parliament to support this draft so that Polish women can again enjoy the full spectrum of their reproductive and sexual rights.

Please sign this petition here individually or as an organization/network and help us promote this important cause in your respective networks.

Jul 19 2012

Between July 24th and 27th, two newly proposed civil partnership laws will be read and discussed in the Polish Parliament and the laws will be voted on shortly after the readings. Both of the proposals aim to recognize civil partnerships of any couples – regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.


Jul 18 2012

Amnesty International's new publication on ICPD+20:  Realizing Sexual and Reproductive Rights: A Human Rights Framework is available here.

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