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Jul 02 2013

The Regional UNECE ICPD Beyond 2014 Conference is currently taking place in Geneva in Switzerland. This event marks an end to the ICPD Review Process for the UNECE Region.

ASTRA delivered an INTERVENTION during the conference and urged governments of the region to respect and acknowledge human rights of women, especially their right to access safe and legal abortion.

ASTRA Youth representative and member of the Youth Delegation, Medea Khmelidze from Georgia, made an INTERVENTION on behalf of young people from the region.

The full list of interventions can be accessed here

Jul 01 2013

Newest issue of the European Magazine for Sexual and Reproductive Health ENTRE NOUS includes an article by Krystyna Kacpura, Executive Director of the Polish ASTRA Member, Federation for Women and Family Planning, serving as ASTRA Secretariat (pages 18-19). The article discusses the expert position of ASTRA as the premier network on women's SRHR in the Central and Eastern Europe region.

Latest issue of Entre Nous which focuses on ICPD and Post-2015 Processes can be accessed online HERE. 

Jul 01 2013

The regional UNECE ICPD Beyond 2014 conference in Geneva has begun. Over 300 participants from Europe, North America and Central Asia have gathered in Geneva to discuss population and sexual and reproductive health and rights priorities for the 21st century.

Watch the event live at

ASTRA and Federation for Women and Family Planning from Poland will present an intervention in the 2nd Thematic Session on "Families and Sexual and Reproductive Health over the Life Course" on Tuesday June 2nd between 10.30 and 11.40. 

Jun 27 2013

Click HERE to read the latest, June issue of ASTRA monthly bulletin!

Note that the next issue will be circulated end of August.

Jun 25 2013


Only a few more days to go before the regional ICPD Beyond 2014 Conference kicks off in Geneva on 1 July! Watch this video to see why the commitments made in Cairo 20 years ago remain highly relevant for improving lives in our region today.

For Russian subtitles click here.


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